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The Quality Problem

Quality is a critical part of product development, and though quality should be stressed in design, specific and high-volume testing are required to ship a reliable product.  However, good SQA is difficult to achieve.  In the Video Consumer Electronics Market it is especially challenging due short lifecycles, rapid development, multi-company integration and high bandwidth data.

The Solution = MIRTH (Multi Infrared Test Harness)

MIRTH is an automated test tool designed to run repeatable high volume tests video devices including DVD and Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and media centers.   MIRTH sends IR commands to the device, mimicking the device’s remote control.  It then captures the device's digital video and audio output and compares it to known good data or between two devices for 100% assurance that the output is correct.  The video and audio capture support also allows MIRTH to now be used as a video quality analysis tool.   MIRTH includes tools to generate regression and random tests, and can be scripted through the industry standard Python scripting language, for unlimited testing possibilities.

Support for Any Video Device

MIRTH contains learning remote capabilities and can learn the commands for any IR controlled device.  In addition version 4.0 includes customization options to allow layout of the MIRTH "virtual remote control" to be configured for any device.  Because it has no limitations on specific input video data and can capture up to 1080 HD video output, including HDCP encrypted data, MIRTH can be used to test Blu-ray players, cable set-top boxes, satellite set-top boxes, media centers, media players, medical video devices, or any other video based product.


Key Features

  • Easy to use

    • Simple graphical user interface and/or command line driven for batch testing
    • Email reporting of results

    • All information saved in Excel importable text log files

  • Script driven

    • Python scripting language
    • Sends IR commands to player via IR blasters (UIRT)

    • Accurate timing of commands for repeatable results

    • Controls multiple players simultaneously

    • Automated comparison of player output with expected information or between players.
  • Accurate

    • Capture and comparison of digital audio and video output for objective results
  • Tools for easy regression and stress testing

    • Generate scripts  from logs of previous tests
    • Generate scripts for random tests
  • Expandable

    • Can learn commands for any device

    • Not dependant on input data source
    • Can be adapted to test any video device



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