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Software Development

Ridge Labs customers are served by an exceptional team of highly experienced software developers.  The team is composed entirely of senior engineers, most of whom have held senior management or CTO positions in the past.  We focus on low level and system software and have deep backgrounds in many areas including embedded systems, Linux and Windows drivers, video transmission and processing, telecommunications, and document imaging. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Video

The team includes senior managers and engineers holding several patents with experience in HD-DVD/Blu-ray, set-top-box, and video conferencing.  Among these is the former Director of Engineering, Consumer Electronics for Broadcom, who was responsible for the development of many of the current market leading HD-DVD and Blu-ray players including the LG-BH100 and BH-200, the Samsung BDP-1200 and BDP-1500, and the Toshiba HD-A1.

  • Embedded Systems

In the embedded systems space, the team has experience in areas including digital office equipment,  document imaging, fax, and telecom equipment.  We have worked with embedded Linux, Nucleus, VxWorks, and other O/S's on platforms including x86, 68K, MIPS, and PowerPC.

  • Telecom

In the telecom space the team has experience with network design, collocation, server design, PC client design, ISDN.  Several members of the team were instrumental in the development of the SccIP Network which is used globally for financial transactions. 

Patents held and pending by the team members include many areas of embedded systems design, H.264 video decoding and video encoding.


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